Brand Style Guide Template | $127

            A 25+ InDesign template to help you go above + beyond for your branding clients. At the end of a project, you want give your clients all the tools that they need to use their new branding confidently + consistently. This template will give them a detailed guide, educating them on how to use everything that you’ve created really well.

            With this presentation, you’ll give your clients extra value by not only creating great work, but empowering them to use it themselves as their business continues to grow.

            ** This product also includes a list of feedback questions to ask your clients AND a video walkthrough of a real client proposal!

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            Includes pages for:
            • explaining the importance of a brand style guide
            • brand creative direction
            • fill-in-the-blank prompts to explain how each brand element should be used
            • color palette information + language to explain how each color should be used
            • a guide to using color codes (RGB, CMYK, Pantone)
            • language to outline the brand typography + how each font should be used
            • patterns + illustrations
            • collateral + applications
            • a guide to how the client’s final files will be organized
            • targeted feedback questions to ask the client

            Because this is a digital product there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES and all sales are final.