Project Proposal Template

        $97 USD

        A 15+ page InDesign template to help you pitch your services, outline your pricing, explain your process, and set expectations with your clients in a thoughtful way.

        With this template, I’m giving you the exact language that I use to show my value + outline how I handle things like revisions, delays and communication.

        Includes pages for:
        • outlining the client’s goals
        • project overview with total investment, estimated timeline + list of deliverables
        • payment plan + info on how to pay
        • explaining the value of your work
        • outlining each step of your process
        • setting expectations for communication + establishing boundaries
        • explaining any penalties for delays or late feedback
        • sharing in progress work
        • general tips for working with a designer
        • final questions to quickly understand if the client is ready to move forward


        Because this is a digital product there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES and all sales are final.