Web Direction Template

        $97 USD

        An InDesign template to help you establish a solid, strategic direction for your client's website + make sure that the goals are clear. Through this presentation, you'll be able to give clients guidance on how to make their site more engaging + memorable for their audience.

        This presentation also gives clients a great foundation to plan their websity content on. It’s your tool as the expert to present creative solutions to make the site as effective as possible + help the client plan a website that gets results.

        Includes pages for:

        • establishing a vision + goals for the website
        • examining the client’s audience + how the website needs to connect with them
        • addressing things to focus on + avoid to make the site not only meet the client’s needs, but also the user
        • creating a sitemap + rough outline of how content should be organized in order to guide the user through the site
        • presenting website inspiration + explain how those design decisions relate to the client’s goals
        • targeted feedback questions to ask the client


        Because this is a digital product there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES and all sales are final.