I've tried a lot of tools + resources over the years to streamline my business. So I've compiled a list of my all-time favorites that I have personally used and love.


        Hello Bonsai
        Great for when you’re just starting out! They have contract templates made just for freelancers and you can also automatically generate + send invoices to your clients through their platform.

        The Contract Shop*
        This is where I purchased the contracts that I currently use. They are definitely an investment and I didn’t buy them until being in business for a few years, but they are so so worth it! They’re easy to understand, simple to customize, and truly have everything that you need to protect your busienss.


        Quickbooks for Self-Employed
        I hate keeping track of money, so this is seriously a lifesaver for me! It syncs with my bank account and tracks all of my income + expenses so I have everything ready to go for tax season. It even estimates my quarterly business taxes for me so I don’t have to do the math! Honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

        This is another tool that I’ve been loving lately because it allows you to automatically set aside a percentage of your business income for things like taxes, emergency funds, health insurance, retirement, and more. It makes things so much easier by not having to worry about aside money for taxes – Catch does it for me on autopilot!


        I’ve been using this tool since day one and it’s still my favorite! It’s how I keep all of my projects on track and organized.

        Getting an organized system for onboarding and keeping track of your clients can be a game-changer for your business. Dubsado is made for service-based businesses to streamline their client management and keep things like contracts, invoicing, questionnaires, and so much more all in one place.


        As a web designer/developer, I’ve used most of the hosting services out there and Siteground quickly became my favorite. They have the best customer service that I’ve experienced by far and so many resources to make sure you site is perfoming well.


        Since I often work with clients in different timezones, I use this tool every single time a schedule a call with someone so that there’s never any confusion. I can set my available hours in my own timezone + invite clients to choose a time that works for them in their own timezone. It’s easy + the free version gives you everything that you need.


        Flodesk* (Get 50% off your subscription!)
        I switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk this year because I wanted something simpler where I could easily set up autmated newsletters. Flodesk instantly impressed me! It’s well-designed, so easy to set up and they have lots of gorgeous premade templates that I think fit the online entrepreneur industry perfectly.



        Once I started using this app, I immediately saw more engagement with my Instagram stories! Clipomatic automatically creates captions for your videos, making them more accessible for your audience. Every time I use it, I get at least one DM about it because it always makes an impact with my followers!


        Moyo Studio*
        As a creative, it’s important that I make my work look really good. Moyo’s beautiful mockups are made with creatives in mind and have made my online portfolio look so much more high quality + cohesive. I even used their mockups for this template shop! 


        * Please note that the tools with an “*” are affiliate links. Although I get a little incentive if you use them, they’re only here because I use them myself + swear by them.