Designers – Imagine if You Could


        Streamline your process so that you spend less time putting together presentations and more time actually designing.


        Establish yourself as an expert with your clients and feel confident every time you send out a presentation.


        Learn from someone else’s freelance mistakes so that you don’t have to make your own.

        I feel like I shot forward 2 years in professionalism and efficiency. I feel so confident in onboarding (and offboarding) clients and ensuring they can be confident in trusting me as a designer! The templates were so well designed and thought-out which made putting them into action a complete breeze! Saved me hours and hours of my life!

        Here’s What You’ll Get:

        6 Customizable Presentation Templates

        Each InDesign template is designed to be strategically simple and covers the following: onboarding/project proposals, brand strategy + creative direction, first logo concepts, refined logo concepts, final brand style guides, website strategy + direction, and website mockups.

        Pre-Written Prompts to Communicate Clearly

        It’s hard to not get stuck using “designer talk” that your clients may not understand. So with each template, you’ll also receive fill-in-the-blank statements to quickly explain your thought process and get useful feedback from clients over and over again.

        6 Modules on My Own Freelancing Experience

        Look, everything that I’ve put into my process has come from some big mistake that I made or lesson that I learned. So each template is paired with a mini-course and extra lessons that I’ve learned as a freelancer. I’ll talk about things like pricing, getting feedback, and other difficult situations that all designers face.


        The best part – you won’t be alone! All of the course students will be added to a private Facebook group to connect, grow and get extra support from each other.


        I’ll be doing a live Q+A session in the Facebook group every single month, answering any questions that you might have while working through the course + even after you’ve finished it.

        Bonus Lessons

        On top of learning about each step of my design process, you’ll also get access to extra lessons on things like pricing yourself, offboarding your clients, and working with developers.

        What's Inside

        Module 01 / Onboarding + Sending Project Proposals

        In this module, we’ll cover everything you need to create a smooth onboarding process – like knowing which clients are a bad fit, how to say no, and what to talk about on intro calls. Then you’ll receive a 20-page proposal template to help you pitch your services, outline your pricing, convey your process, and set expectations in a thoughtful way.


        Here, we’ll dive into the first steps of my branding process. We’ll talk about why the creative direction phase is so important and highlight the questions that you need to be asking your clients in order to create a strong foundation for your project. Then through the presentation template, I’ll show you how I present my own creative direction ideas in a way that educates my client on the design process.


        This is where things start to get really fun! We’ll go over best practices for presenting concepts to clients, how to convey the meaning behind your work, and feedback questions to ask that will help you avoid endless revisions. You’ll receive 2 presentation templates during this module – one for presenting your first logo ideas, the other for presenting refined, more in-depth concepts. Each showcasing the strategies that I use to make presenting logos simple and clear.

        Module 04 / FINAL BRAND STYLE GUIDE

        In this module, we’ll talk about how to go above and beyond for your client, not just giving them a beautiful new brand, but also the confidence and knowledge to actually use that branding well. You’ll receive a 20+ page style guide template, filled with detailed information that will wow your clients and set them up for success.

        Module 05 / WEB DESIGN + STRATEGY

        During this module, we’ll move into the web design process + talk about how to streamline your projects – from helping your clients plan their content strategically to creating interactive mockups and the easiest ways to get feedback. I’ll walk you through how I design my websites, plus how to partner with developers (because I’m a developer myself!)

        Hey, I'm Abbey.


        Or price myself. Or make sure my projects ran smoothly. I kept running into the same old problems and I knew that it was holding my business back. So I spent 3 years testing out different strategies, figuring out what worked + what didn’t. That’s how The Designer Essentials Kit came about. My hope is that by learning from my own mistakes, other designers will be able to avoid some of their own + feel more confident growing their businesses.

        Already booked two clients with my new process! Your course and templates have just changed my life. I’m ready to open my Instagram and start showing my work because I’m not so afraid anymore to send out a proposal. The fact that you struggled before with all of these issues gives me the confidence to move forward.

        Ready to add more value to your process?

        The next round of the course won’t be opening until early 2020, so make sure to get on the waitlist to get updates on when enrollment opens! Until then, I also have some great free resources that you can check out right now:

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        How long will it take for me to go through the course?

        Since refining your entire process is a lot of work, you're free to work through the course at your own pace! I suggest taking at least 3 weeks so you can properly evaluate your current process and make each presentation template your own. We'll also do a live Q+A every month in the Facebook group so I can answer questions along the way.


        Is the course only for designers?

        Yes! I created this course specifically for freelance brand + web designers.


        Will I be able to ask you questions while I work through the course?

        Yes! I'll be doing monthly Q+As in the private Facebook group so we can talk about things as we work through the course and after you've finished. You'll be able to submit questions and I'll answer them all live at the end of the month.


        Do you offer refunds?

        Yes. If you work through this course to the best of your ability, ask for help when you need it, and you can still say it honestly wasn’t worth your time, I will offer you a full refund. However, refunds are only an option within the first 14 days of purchasing the course. If you have any questions or want help deciding if the course is right for you, feel free to send me an email at before enrolling!


        What if I just want to buy 1 or 2 of the presentation templates instead of the entire course?

        I'll be launching a shop later this year where you can purchase each presentation template individually. Just keep in mind that those won't come with any of the mini-courses, bonus content or access to the private Facebook group. If you really need guidance on how to improve your process, the course will be a better investment for you.